Our company Viva-Avto is dealing with cargo delivery  by  means of road transport from Finland  to Ukriane and from Ukriane to Finland  for 7 years.  Capital of Finland Helsinki is 1650 km  far from capital of Ukraine Kiev,  we proved   that we can  deliver all types of cargoes from this region safe and fast not taking into consideration such a great distance.

Advantage of our work in this region  is that having a base of shipping companies and agents in Finland we will always find a vacant transport in any part of this country.  It takes 5-6 days to deliver cargo from Finland to Ukriane.


Advantage of work with us in this region:

  • possibility  of cargo delivery  on “from door to door ” base;
  • possibility of delivery from Finland both: groupage cargo and full truck;
  • own  automobiles: standard  tent trucks  volume  from 86 to 120 м3, automobile transporters for transportation  passenger cars, jeeps, minibuses; refrigerators for transportation perishable cargo; transport for transportation  dangerous  goods;
  • operative delivery of cargo that takes less then one week;
  • insurance;
  • permanent  informearing the customer about the movement of transport.

Our employees will be able to give  you the most advantageous rates   if you need to deliver cargo from Finland to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Finland.

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