Italy is the third after Germany and Poland trade partner of Ukraine in Europe. A distinctive feature of the Italian-Ukrainian trade relationships is the  dynamic foreign trade turnover. At the very beginning of our relationships the amount of Italian  import was 5 - 6 times bigger than Ukrainian export to this country. Then the situation changed, now export from Ukraine to Italy is 2 times higher than import. Italians buy in Ukraine products of  steel industry, chemical industry products, scrap metal, engineering products, agricultural products, light industry products: furniture, shoes, etc.


The advantages of  work on the  Italian market

Our company  always tries  to provide quality service.  Our trucks deliver cargo from Italy gently, without delays, taking into consideration all necessary regulations. Each order for  international Cargo Shipment by means of road transport from Italy to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Italy  we study  individually in order to provide the most optimal scheme.

Methods of delivery

One of the most common schemes for  cargo  delivery from Italy to Ukraine is  general cargo.

The delivery of groupage (small parts) consists of the following stages:

  • the delivery of the cargo by trucks from the place of loading up to consolidated warehouse;
  • issuing of export declaration if required;
  • execution of transport documents (TIR, CMR, EX-1 in Italy)
  • the delivery of cargo by trucks from warehouse  to the place of destination in  Ukraine. It takes 10-12 days to deliver groupage.

There can be another method when one truck collects cargo from 3 or more shippers. As customs in Italy takes no more than two hours, the truck  can boot normally in 3 or more locations  for  one day.
Our clients  can also order the delivery of goods from Italy by a  separate automobile  volume 82 - 120 m3. This method of transportation saves time. The period of delivery is about 8 days.

Information about the terms of delivery  to or from  Italy  can be obtained by calling +38 (044) 2929514

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