Poland  is one of our  the  nearest geographical partners. The volume of export-import delivers between our countries grows  every  year that is why we constantly feel grows of trucks  requir on  this market. Taking this fact into consideration we increase an amount of trucks in Poland. Our major task  is to organize  fast and safe delivery of  cargo  from Poland  to  Ukraine and vice versa.

The main advantage of work with Poland  is that  this is  one of those states, where custom control passes  always quickly that means that there is no need to wait for the cargo for a long time.  International  Cargo Shipment  by  means of road transport from Poland to Ukriane takes 3-4 days.

We  can  deliver groupage cargoes from Poland via consolidated warehouse  to any town of Ukraine. It takes nearly  6 days to deliver cargo by truck up to Kiev.  We will always find the trailer for your cargo and will organize the execution of export and import documents  if you need.

We are ready to deliver your cargo from any part of Poland to any place in Ukraine. Your cargo will be delivered in relatively short time and with maximum responsibility.

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