Countries of the Baltic States

Our company works successfully for a long time in Cargo Shipping with route maps from Ukraine to Russia, countries of Scandinavia and CIS to Ukraine. We also provide to our customers such service as Cargo Shipping from Baltic region (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) to Ukraine. We get along well with these countries and proud of the strong and collaborative relationships with them.  Our service includes also low cost expedited shipping of cargo.

We started our work with special refrigerator  trucks  for the transportation fresh fish and seafood products on this region from 2006 and we aimed high and moved up to the top, actually we succeeded at more than 400 deliveries from Saarema, Klaipeda, Maardu to Ukraine.

Now our company can delivers from Baltic region both : groupage cargo and  full trucks  and also containers. The delivery of groupage cargo is carried out via consolidated warehouse .  It takes from 6 to 8 days to organize such delivery. Full truck loading  will save time and we will be ably to carry cargo is 3-4 days. Having a base of shipping companies and agents in Estonis, Latvia, Lithuania we will always find a vacant transport  in any part of these countries

We also use containers for delivering cargo from Baltic region to Ukraine. The long term relationship with customers, brokers and forwarders in Odessa and Illichevsk is our attainment.

International Cargo Shipping from the Baltic States is one of our major work. All employees of Viva-Avto attain the highest level of qualification in logistics of cargo freight in Ukraine and others countries.

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