Russia is our  the most important and  the most valuable partner. More than 15 years ago we started our work with this country.  Since that time  we  managed  to expand our transportation geography from Moscow to Tyumen, from Rostov-on-Don to Murmansk.
Russia has always been and will be our the  highest priority region. For shipments, we offer: standard  tent automobiles  (86-120 m3, 20 m), refrigerators (temperature -20 + 20); equipment for oversize cargo, dangerous goods, automobile transporters.

We organize international Cargo Shipment my means of road transport from  Russia,  Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan to Ukraine. 

All employees of Viva-Avto attain the highest level of qualification in logistics of cargo freight in Ukraine and others countries and you can be absolutely sure  that cargo will be delivered safe and fast. We will do our best for you to be satisfied with our service.

Please contact our employees  to get all information you need.

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